Saturday, August 1, 2015

Better As Friends?

Are you in a relationship in which you find yourself thinking you would be better off just as friends? If so, here are three signs that being amigos might be the best idea.

1.  Fighting: You find yourself constantly fighting with your boy about even the littlest things. It’s not just you; he starts it as well. It seems your dialogue revolves around getting the best of each other. At first this seems like an exciting way to interact but it gets old really quickly.

2.  Others: Has your eye started wandering? Has your guy’s started? This could be the first time you truly start to reconsider the relationship. Your man could be lacking something (physical or personal) that you are trying to find in others. It’s not fair to continue, and dragging out the process will be emotionally grueling for the both of you. Best to end things amicably ASAP. We are all young people and spending our time with someone who isn’t the best fit for you can mean losing time with your friends or your studies.

3. Three: A wise friend once told me, in a great relationship you need three things: physicality, love and friendship. If even one of these isn't there, then an essential part of a healthy relationship is missing and a simple friendship might be the way to go.

People are people and you should never try and change someone to be who you want them to be. Take them for what they are, and if it doesn’t work romantically then it doesn’t work. Reflect on all of the great times you had together but learn to let them go. At first it might be hard but, as cheesy as it sounds, time will help. While being BFF’s shortly after might not be a possibility, ending things amicably is a mature process. You liked this person at the start for a reason, and in due time you might actually find yourself with a really great friend.

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*Originally published on Her Campus Notre Dame

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