Sunday, August 30, 2015

Braces in College

(Miranda on "Sex and The City" only lasted one episode with braces)

"Hahaha woah you have braces, they look horrible." Thanx random jerk at 7/11, I had no clue. 

Last summer I decided that I needed to get braces again. I had lost my retainer and figured I could use a tweak. I tried invisilign but it didn't fully work (just flush your money down the camode tbh). So I thought, F it, I'm a confident young women and I can handle having braces for four months. Oh was I wrong.

The day I got them they immediately had me in the rubber bands to fix my bite. I had the double X near the front of my mouth. I could hardly talk and when I did I looked absolutely frightening AF. Socially it made me uncomfortable going out. It's one thing to have braces in middle school, when it's like so fetch. But in college- NAH BRO. 

(the only picture in existence of me with braces in college, enjoy)

The first week was particularly hard to adjust. A cute guy would wave at me, I'd give him resting bitch face back. Why? I'd rather him think i'm an a-hole than to see my metal mouth. Not Cute. Then one night I was out and my guy friend told me that his visiting friend, shockingly attractive, was interested in talking to me. My response? Does he know I have braces? And if he does, what's wrong with him? Yeah, I was that self-conscious about them and I felt I let myself down that I actually cared that much of my appearance. I still stuck it out.

This isn't a story about how I learned to over come my braces insecurities. Nope, it actually did suck. Did they completely end my love life? No, but I always felt uncomfortable going out. And really, there is no good time in life to get adult braces- but I think it's particularly hard when you're trying to tackle the dating world.

Miranda on Sex and City got braces because she felt they weren't really a big deal and she was a confident enough woman to not care. She only lasted one episode because during a date she got a big piece of lettuce stuck in her teeth and so ensued the morning brunch talk of her humiliation. Miranda realized how tough they can be, even if they were by her choice and got them removed. She felt teeth weren't worth her not feeling confident in herself. 

So maybe my four months aren't a tale of a strong woman who isn't vain enough to let braces slow her down. But I'm a strong woman for being honest and so is Miranda.

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  1. Well for what it's worth, I think you looked cute with braces. And I bet the guys in college did too ;)

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