Saturday, August 1, 2015

How To Rock Side Cut Outs GOT Style

Boss betch Margaery was consistently the most fashionable woman on television each Sunday at 9pm. Why you may ask? Those damn side cut outs she whipped out to seduce that lil sucker Joffrey is what; nobody could resist that. Not even his jail bait brother.

 I’ve heard many commoners complaining about how they don’t have the body type to werk like a lady of Highgarden. While that may be the case, I wouldn’t give up just yet.

Side Cut Outs:
While Queen Cersei may think you look like a slut, I say if you have the body for it TWERK IT OUT. As long as you feel confident with it, I say anything goes with full on cut outs.

Yes Julia Roberts playing a hooker may have been the first to rock this trend but with the proper make-up, accesories and attitude you can make this a classy look. Plus, Julia was a faboulous hooker and that counts for something.

Want to give the illusion of full cutouts but A. don’t want to look like that prostitute Rose and/or B. don’t feel you have the body for it? I suggest panels. Panels give that illusion of side cut outs without going all the way. I personally have a short torso, so side cut out never fit me right but for some reason I've found success with the sheer panels.

Also done right (or wrong depending on your standpoint) panels can actually be even sexier than the full ones.

Just don’t do this:

Thanks for that example, Sheryl.

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*Originally published on Her Campus Notre Dame

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