Saturday, August 1, 2015

How to Wear High Wasted Shorts & Channel Your Inner Joan

The high waisted trend has slowly taken over every day fashions mostly thanx to the AMC hit series 'Mad Men' (think Joan Harris, less Peggy Olson). While most of us ladies feel super comfortable rocking high waisted bandage skirts, a lot of us struggle putting on the high waisted shorts. Will they look good? Are they versatile? Are they just too trendy?

When I first saw a pair of high waisted cheekies in the Urban window a few months ago I thought "only that skinny betch of a mannequin could look good in those." I decided to try on a pair out of boredom and was shocked at how flattering they were on my figure. My little stomach pooch was magically gone; it accentuated my natural waist, and made my legs look model long. I instantly bought three pairs and have since built up a mini collection that I use for all occasions. At Urban alone they have multiple different designers and cuts of high waisted shorts for every body type. While it's still rare to see tons of girls in them, I've seen skinny minis and curvy ladies alike rocking them in the Bend. When first trying out what's best for your body make sure to be patient as it took me 3 different brands and all kinds of cuts to find my perfect pair.

There are two different ways you can wear your high waisted shorts both during the day and at night. The easiest way to wear your shorts in the sunshine is by tucking in your regular length shirt or tank top. I find in this interpretation it's best to pick a tight fitted shirt with looser cut high waisted shorts. This can also be a great way for instant originality on game days. Since last summer was all about showing our toned tummies (no one gives up their spring break body at least until October, eating the 3 healthy options in the DH is too painful a process to just let it go in May) just dig up you're basic loose crop tops out of your closet. Pair these with a tighter cut of high wasted shorts and you've got an instantly casual cute outfit appropriate for even class as you'll notice none of your torso is showing.
Great for the weekday night out, I have found two ways to make high waisted shorts a sexy option. First you can pair your shorts with a see-through lace crop top. For the ultimate illusion make sure and wear a nude colored bra underneath. Another way to dress up your shorts is by wearing a tight bandeau or bralette. This will accentuate your upper stomach, which is super flattering, and it's a great way to show off a little skin without being overt. To finish off your outfit throw on a black blazer for instant class.

Even though Betty Draper Francis has clearly lost it in Season 5, we should still give her a big thanx for inspiring our latest staple.

*originally posted on Her Campus Notre Dame

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