Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mint is the New Black, Obviously

If you haven't noticed the color of the season is mint you must be more fashionably inept than Jenna Hamilton (you're welcome). I first started seeing various shades of mint being used as the summer's go-to nail color and it is has since moved on as a popular choice to brighten up a autumn wardrobe.
To have the full impact you can wear a mint colored sweater alone or underneath a camel colored trench. This is a easy classic look that makes you look like you have your ish together regardless that you've just spent the last week doing absolutely nothing during break and have three papers due. Oops. If you're still hesitant about mint, or it just clashes with your skin tone, you can wear it in small ways that let's everyone know you're amazeballs. Try wearing a lightweight infinity (circle) scarf in the color or some small chandelier earrings that show it off.

There are two ways in which people are wearing mint this fall that I’m not so sure are so in-vogue considering it's about to be November. Firstly, as I previously mentioned I was introduced to the mint craze in the summer when everyone was wearing it on their nails. Let me emphasize that I wrote SUMMER. I think it's about time we put down the bottle and start backing away from our go-to and find a new fall/winter shade. Mix it up when it comes to nail color selection and start playing with darker polishes.

Secondly, mint colored skinny jeans. I want to write "enough said" but I’ll delve further. They're really great in spring or maybe in late summer, but in the colder seasons it makes you look like you are trying to hard with the trend. Save them for when the flowers bloom.

So you may be wondering where this mint craze came from? Kanye West. That's right, I’m telling you Kanye West is the person responsible for this sweep of love for the color mint. In February of 2012 he wore a blue women's sweater to a London fashion show, his cross dressing choice of clothing was so shocking for some that it made national news. What you don't know is that that sweater is not just blue, it's not turquoise, and it’s not lapis. It's actually mint. Then mint quickly showed up in the collections of eight different designers. It then filtered down through the department stores and it can now be found in excess in the like of Urban and Forever. Well at least that’s how Miranda Priestly would put it.

Yo Yeezy, I’m really happy for you… I’ll let you finish dressing Kimmy K but thanx for giving us one of the best colors of all time, or at least this season.

*Originally published on Her Campus Notre Dame

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