Saturday, August 1, 2015

Why Is Neon Still A Thing? (gag me)

I saw the neon trend coming from a mile away. Literally. Fall semester I began to notice a bunch of girls starting to rock pink neon work out gear while jogging, pronounced yahgging (it’s a soft J), around campus. I prayed to baby Jesus in hopes that this whole neon thing wouldn’t become a thing, but alas it has.

Neon, I hate you and so does my mom. It’s because neon can be a pale person’s worst nightmare. There’s nothing like a horrific neon to wash out a porcelain complexion. I am angry. I'm like a large tornado of anger, swirling about when I see all of these awesome clothes in neon. Lucky for most of you guys there’s no need to worry about this. Neon, in all shades, is a fantastic way to bring out that summer tan you’ve been working on. I think it’s best utilized on an airy chiffon top paired with either a bandage skirt (black tends to be best) or a pair of high waisted shorts. Tucked in or not depends on the top, but I think untucked usually looks best.

 Now, if you are a pale girl and trying to figure out ways to rock the neon trend you’ve got to think “accessories." Get some neon heels, or maybe neon jewelry, to make an outfit pop. This will make you look in style without totally compromising your skin tone. Tanner girls definitely have the ability to rock the full on trend with more success, but make sure it’s not so bright that it makes people’s corneas burn to look at you.

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here in my glass case of emotion, with neon yellow sling-back pumps on of course.

*Originally published on Her Campus Notre Dame

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