Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Reality of Oil Pulling

Okay, so I tried oil pulling. I had read an article about all the benefits of oil pulling and thought I'd go ahead and give it a try. So what exactly is oil pulling? You put a spoon full of oil(usually coconut) in your mouth and swish it around for twenty minutes. It's suppose to drain out the toxins from your body and give you not only better dental care but general health benefits as well. 

What's twenty minutes in the morning for a lifetime of health benefits? I went out that same day and got coconut oil. 

I lasted for about 30 seconds.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How To Contour With Makeup You Already Own

So here’s a blog about how being in grad school made me creative enough to contour my face with makeup I already own because I’m too broke to buy new stuff. 

All over the interwebz I’ve been seeing how to contour your face like this, contour your face like that, contour your face to look like a clown… maybe an alien. Anywho- I love to try new things with my makeup and on a bored sunday I popped up the youtube and searched for contour techniques for people with the complexion of a ghost.

 After watching the video I felt empowered, felt like I could do this, felt ready to not look like myself- but then I looked at my bank account and it told me “no girl, you don’t have the $200 funds, you’ll continue to look like yourself OKAY” (like $20 bucks for a blender sponge… A SPONGE?! No way, I need to eat).

But I’m not one to give up so easily so I turned to my makeup bag to see if I could whip up anything with stuff I already own. Now ~*disclaimer*~ I do already own a wide array of makeup although I do not own anything specifically for contouring the way the pros say to to do it- I will try to give alternatives for items I happen to own but some might not. Also, while reading it in text might be hard to do, I recommend looking to youtube for exactly your needs on where to put the highlight/contour- especially for your face shape/skin tone.