Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How To Contour With Makeup You Already Own

So here’s a blog about how being in grad school made me creative enough to contour my face with makeup I already own because I’m too broke to buy new stuff. 

All over the interwebz I’ve been seeing how to contour your face like this, contour your face like that, contour your face to look like a clown… maybe an alien. Anywho- I love to try new things with my makeup and on a bored sunday I popped up the youtube and searched for contour techniques for people with the complexion of a ghost.

 After watching the video I felt empowered, felt like I could do this, felt ready to not look like myself- but then I looked at my bank account and it told me “no girl, you don’t have the $200 funds, you’ll continue to look like yourself OKAY” (like $20 bucks for a blender sponge… A SPONGE?! No way, I need to eat).

But I’m not one to give up so easily so I turned to my makeup bag to see if I could whip up anything with stuff I already own. Now ~*disclaimer*~ I do already own a wide array of makeup although I do not own anything specifically for contouring the way the pros say to to do it- I will try to give alternatives for items I happen to own but some might not. Also, while reading it in text might be hard to do, I recommend looking to youtube for exactly your needs on where to put the highlight/contour- especially for your face shape/skin tone.

Step One: Put a primer on your face. 
Now, I've never actually worn primer but I found a sample size M.A.C Prep + Prime in my bag and went with it.  I'm not sure how much of a difference primer makes but people swear by it and I'm trying to do this contouring as close to the book as I can get.

Protip, always do your eyeshadow first so it doesn't ruin your foundation. I find that when I do my eyeshadow last, some of the powder will eventually fall on my face and I have to redo my foundation.

Step Two: Put on foundation. 
Put on your normal foundation evenly on your entire face. The youtube videos say to use fancy brushes/blender sponges but I just use my hands and it doesn't look too janky or anything. If you feel like you need more coverage, put on your concealer as usual.

To cover all my freckles I would need three layers of foundation and I'm not about that life. #GingerProblems

Step Three: Highlight. 
These are probably the hardest steps of the process- the actual placement of the highlighting/contouring. 

For the highlight, I personally have a sample size of O.C.C white lip tar that I went ahead and used. Most people don't need literal white as their highlight but I'm legit so pale anything other than white becomes a bronzer for me. So, I'd recommend to look into your eyeshadows and find a light vanilla shadow/cream that you would normally use right under your brow. 

Take this and but an upside down large triangle underneath each eye that reached down to level of the bottom of your nose. A white vertical stripe down the center of your nose, a circle on the center of your chin, upside down triangle in the middle/lower part of your forehead, and on your cupid's bow above your top lip.

You are then suppose to take your blender sponge and tap tap tap at the highlight until it blends in. I once again used my hand for this step because they're free and don't cost twenty bucks.

Intense filter so you can see where I placed the highlight.

Step Four: Bake.
Celeb make-up artist swear by "baking". Baking it where you put a ton of translucent powder over where your blended your highlight. You're then suppose to let it sit there for 5-10 minutes and the idea is that your skin sweats a little letting the power really set into the highlight. No clue how well this tip works but it will certainly set in your highlight so it won't move throughout the day/night. After letting it sit you just swipe it off with your hands. I already happened to have translucent powder. If you don't- I really recommend it! It's especially great for making your lipstick last. Put on any lipstick and then take a brush and press in the translucent powder onto your lips. It makes the lipstick matte but the color will last for up to 12 hours without moving even if you eat/drink.

Looks suspicious

Step Five: Begin to draw on your face like you would on a person passed out at a frat house. Except without a sharpie.
To start you have to find something in your makeup bag to use as a contour. I looked to my eyeshadows and I had a plain dark brown and a plain medium brown. These are basic colors included in almost every single eyeshadow kit. I took the dark brown and put a stripe from almost my ear to halfway to my mouth on my cheek. Then a stripe right under my chin.

I then took the lighter brown and put two vertical stripes on my nose with a horizontal stripe at the bottom connected them, a stripe on top of the dark cheek stripe, and a stripe across the top of my forehead near my hairline. 

Then I began to re-highlight with a much less intense highlighter I happen to have in my bag, but you can go back in with the one you used originally. Put a highlight stripe underneath the dark blended stripe on your cheek and a stripe of white on the top of your cheekbones. You can also go ahead and add more highlight to any place you think needs an extra kick.

Blend it on in how you see fit.
Sucha good look -_-

Finale: Taa-daaa!

My feelings on this is that I think it turned out pretty well for not having any actual contouring tools/makeup! That being said, it looks a little off in person- like I have dirt on parts of my face(which is a common complaint of contouring) but in photos it looks nice. But I would never do this on the daily because a.) it's just too much work and b.) it looks like you have pounds of makeup on which isn't really my thing. I would consider using contouring for big events where I'd be taking lots of pictures and people aren't surprised if you have a good amount of makeup on. Out of all the professional tools/makeup I wish I actually had it's the blender sponge. It was really tough blending in the darker contour with only my hands. 

Maybe I'll just have to save those twenty bucks now.

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