Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Quick-Fix Pimple Cure: Cortisone Shot

What is THAT?! I look in the mirror and there's an enormous deep blemish (zit, pimple, cyst, gusher, mountain, etc. I say blemish because it sounds classy) right on my chest. I had a group vacay planned to the beach the next morning and this was not easily going to be hidden. 

This was honestly so bad it would scare small children on the beach. Spielberg would make a Jaws like movie after it and call it The Blemish. It was truly terrorizing. But what was I to do? This was one of those one-week bad boys at least.

I'd heard of cortisone shots to get rid of cysts-like blemishes but it sounded kind of sci-fyie to me. I'm desperate though, so I just googled it. It essentially pops up that the cortisone shot only works in the beginning phases of a blemish, when it's really red and swollen. The injection of the the cortisone causes the inflammation to reduce and eases the healing process. While not a fix for hormonal or consistent acne, it can work for the odd bump that pops up.

I tried to see if any nearby places in Tampa offered the service. A couple of med-spas came up and I called the one with the highest recommendation. They were able to squeeze (that's puny) me in that same day. Now, why a med-spa you may ask? I have since tried to book a place in Tallahassee for the service where med-spas are rare. At dermatologist offices I get, "Well we will have to see what the Doctor says and give you an evaluation but we'll probably just give you a cream" or more likely, "Our next appointment is not until next month." K, well this pimple will most definitely be gone next month and this is an EMERGENCY SITCH PEOPLE. Thus, for such a simple procedure I recommend a med-spa if there is one in your town.

I walk into this super fancy lobby where they ask me if I want lemon or cucumber infused water. Oh, I'm liking this. Then they bring me back to a clean little room and a nurse practitioner asks me what my problem is. I tell her I have Mt. Rushmore on my chest and I need it to be bulldozed before I'm sipping margs on the beach. So she gave me the little cortisone shot. I hardly felt it to be honest and by nighttime the blemish was almost completely gone and definitely flattened (much easier to cover up). 

It was only $25 bucks and in an emergency situation I really recommend one. It works and then you won't get left with low self confidence, or even worse- a nasty scar. 

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