Thursday, December 1, 2016

Why I'm Asking Women to Wear White to My Wedding

Hello my lovelies! Apologies that I haven’t been able to write a lot lately, studying for exams and prepping the wedding have been consuming my time- which brings me to this current blog topic.

For my wedding’s dress code I asked female party guest to please wear black or white gowns (or black/white combo dress) on the day of. I’ll list below the reasons why I choose this color scheme, but wanted to first touch upon the range of negative reaction I’ve been receiving about my choice. Ranging from, “Well you’re not seriously wanting people to wear white”- why yes or I wouldn’t have put it on my invite. To the “I could never do that to you, it’s like upstaging the bride or something”- cue my eye roll.

Now I know we’re in our early twenties and therefore haven’t had the opportunity to attend a ton of weddings yet, but when a couple writes down their dress code for their wedding not only is that what they would like but there also might be a reason for it. So go along with it and have fun! I most certainly do NOT want to be staring out into a sea of depressing black and know that it was because my guests were too “scared” to wear white.

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"Now, wedding dresses weren’t always white, and in some cultures they still are not."- Vogue

1.) History
There is a common misconception that white has always been the color of brides. Queen Victoria famously wore a white wedding dress to her nuptials to Prince Albert in 1840, which popularized the color to the point that it is still considered the choice for a modern bride. Before Queen Victoria women simply wore the best dress in their closet and were more concerned about the quality of the dress than the actual color.

Another time in history where white was seen at weddings was in Ancient Greece. The bride would wear white but would also ask other guests to wear white to confuse any potential abductors or evil spirits. Consider yourself protecting me against the evils!

More recently, the British Royal Family’s bridal party is always seen in white. As noted at Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, and Princess Kate’s wedding days. Some would even say that Pippa Middleton did show up Kate on that day with her famous rump, but I would big to differ. In popular culture, Beyoncé and the Kardashians have made black/white weddings trendy. This push towards monochromatic themes is a recent bridal tend, but has most definitely been done before.

"Modern etiquette allows for guests to wear white to a wedding as long as the dress is not overly bridal looking (tulle, lace, etc.)"- Marion Berry Style

2. Take Away My Shine (upstaging)
This is the one line of commentary that actually gets to me because it is attempting to say that either I think a color is an important factor in my appearance or that I want my guests to somehow be dulled down or less attractive than I. HUH? If you’re a hottie, you’re a hottie- it really doesn’t matter what color you’re wearing. I want all my guests to feel and look beautiful at my wedding and I just simply don’t think the color of their dress is tied into that. I am confident enough in myself that the thought didn’t even cross my mind when selecting a dress code. I also personally think that regardless if other women in the room are wearing white, my mother’s dress with a ten-foot train and hand beading done by my grandmother will in fact be the show stealer. So please, don’t have the line of thinking that it’s ridiculous for me to ask women to wear white at my wedding because they will upstage me. It’s actually kind of rude. And hey, if you don’t want people to wear white at your wedding, that’s totally cool! But don’t question it if that’s the aesthetic that I want on my day.

"The only exception—the only one—is if the bride and groom specifically request that their guests wear white. In that case, by all means: Yes! Please wear this dress."- Glamour

3. Chic
And lastly, I just frankly think it’s gorgeous. I think black and white balls are absolutely stunning. They’re very sleek, chic, and in mode- everything that I want for my wedding day. I do not want all ladies wearing black or else I wouldn’t have asked people to add some white in there. I think everyone wearing black will be kinda drab, disappointing, and frankly boring. So, if you were invited to my bash- please reconsider wearing white or a black/white combo dress. Not only will you put a smile on my face but I will know that you respected my theme and felt confident enough to help make my day special for me. 

I hope you enjoyed this read and that it didn't come across as being too sassy! I've gotten a lot of questions about this and I hope to have dispelled some fears or helped people understand why we decided to go with a black/white dress code.


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