Sunday, February 26, 2017

Did Hanky Panky Change Their Lace?!

First, I want you to play this song while reading this post- it’ll add that necessary je ne sais quoi.

So I have been wearing Hanky Panky underwear for the last 7 years and I’ve always thought they were the best of the best as far as lace under things are concerned. I can wear them working out, running, and daily life without them budging which is great to feel comfortable doing a range of activities. Now these run at $20 for each underwear. Let me repeat that for those is the back, TWENTY BUCKS FOR A SINGLE PAIR OF UNDERWEAR. Think that’s ludicrous? Why yes it is which is why it’s about the only time you’ll see me get excited receiving underwear on Christmas. My mom would stuff my stocking with a couple and I would be SO happy since that price tag doesn’t allow this to be a usual luxury. Now, I will rationalize the price by saying that I still have some of my original pair from 7 years ago and they have held up like new. The price tag not only equals comfort but durability as well.

Let us begin the tale of this article. For Christmas 2015 my mom once again stuffed my stocking with a holiday pack of Hanky Panky. UGH SO EXCITING! But something weird happened when I wore these. Instead of the band laying perfectly flat during all types of movements, these were rolling into themselves and creating lumps. They wound up so much on the sides that they were digging into my skin. WEIRD. I thought maybe they changed the cut for the holiday pack and throughout the next year I slowly had to throw those particular ones away because they kept rolling so badly on my sides.

This last year I got to spend Christmas on my honeymoon and therefore did not receive my yearly Hanky Panky supply from my mom. No complaints! But I started to want a couple of new ones. That’s when I ordered some this week and when they arrived I was so pumped! Mind you I got a 5 pack and thus spent a hundred buckaroonies on these bad boys but it seemed worth it as I needed some neutral colors. I made sure and ordered a different cut from the ones in the holiday pack, just in case the cut was the issue causing the rolling. I put them on and all seemed fine. I then went about my day and when I went to change out of my dress I noticed they were all rolled up on the sides instead of laying flat… WHAT THE HECK! I lay them flat again and brushed my hand over them and BOOM they rolled up instantly. Okay, so now I’m thinking maybe this isn’t a cut issue but more of a new fabric problem. I go online to investigate as surely there must be tons of articles about this change that has occurred over the last two years. I found nothing about it except this Amazon user's comment on the low-rise version who clearly is having the same issue as me:

I then went into my drawer for a deep dive on this shallow issue. My new pair said the band was 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex. Okay, so then I dig up an old pair and it says 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane. Ahhh HA! Found the culprit! That is until I googled and realize that spandex and elastane are the same thing. Oh. Hmmmm. I then just physically compare the old to the new. It’s hard to explain over the interwebz but the new ones just feel softer and thinner. You would think softer would be a good thing but it’s that softness that causes the sides to instantly roll making them impractical- particularly for the price tag. So while they haven't changed the makeup of the material, they have seemed to change the actual fabric of the lace band. Perhaps a new manufacturer or attempt to reduce cost by using cheaper fabric with the same general makeup of material. 

You know how some of your underwear are just your favorite and you dig around in your drawer to find them? That was Hanky Panky to me- what am I to do now?! I’ve tried Cosabella but find that their sides roll too. VS doesn’t roll but they loosen up too much during workouts. I’m a mess right now and don’t know where to try next. Particularly because my bank account says I can’t afford to be sampling pricey undieroos right now anyways. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. ALL advice is appreciated right now. Meanwhile I’ll just be praying to the underwear gods that Hanky Panky will get their act back together and return to the old lace.

*UPDATE*: This incredible act of investigative journalism has reached the Hanky Panky honchos... looks like we're not crazy after all!

I think it's really awesome that their customer service responded to the article and were being honest. I feel like that's pretty rare from businesses these days! But until they get their lycra spandex fiber in proper order I won't be buying from them due to the hefty price tag.

That is all for today from your inspector of all lacy underthings!

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