Sunday, May 14, 2017

Hair Tie Bracelet: Win or Fail?

Ahhh the hair tie on the wrist debacle, one of the most pervasive fashion dilemmas known to women (and guys who wear manbuns). While some have tried making hair ties look cute, ultimately you’re always stuck with some elastic shenanigans on your wrist. It’s not a good look but it tends to be better than going without it.

So for all the gentleman out there who are still actually reading this, women usually keep a hair tie on their wrist at all time ~*just*~ in case we need to put it up in a hurry. Problem is that it’s not a very cute look and leaves marks on your arm. I remember about 5 minutes before walking down the aisle one of my bridesmaids spotted my hair tie I had accidentally left on my wrist, yanked it off, and threw it in one of the church’s potted plants (sorry fake decorative palm tree!). Later that night my hair started to come undone and I was DYING for my hair tie, but alas it was lost in the battle of function versus fashion.

Recently I started seeing these cool hair tie bangles popped up on Facebook ads. As I said before I’m a total sucker for selective marketing and thought that since I would be starting my internship soon this would be a professional way to always keep a hair tie on me. This is how I rationalize things people! The first bracelet was a really pretty gold rose bangle that I bought off of Etsy from the OG woman who supposedly invented the concept. It was sturdy and actually something I would normally wear. Only problem is that when I took the hair tie off of it, it would fall right off my arm and it’s completely non-adjustable. So it’s like I have this hair tie on my wrist but it’s really only there to hold up my bracelet. Like, no thanx- don’t need to add a secondary issue here! It could be that I have small wrists, so for someone with wears normal/large bracelets- this still might work for you.

As Facebook always seems to know what I’m thinking, about a month later another brand, Ashley Bridget, was selling hair tie bracelets but they had a totally different look & function. I didn’t find them particularly attractive but saw that it had a ton of great amazon prime reviews, so I thought I’d go for it. When it came in it was actually 10 times sleeker in person than I imagined it would be. The hair tie was easy to wrap around it and it always stays to the underside of my wrist.

(can't even tell)

I was wearing it for a week and my husband never noticed until I eventually pointed it out. What’s nice too is that when you take the hair tie off of it the bangle is adjustable so it won’t come off at all. It also perfectly matches my other rose gold jewelry so I feel like it fits right in on my wrist. So far I love it and I really recommend it to anyone who is either sick of having the look of a hair tie on their wrist or someone who just needs to class it up for a special event or job.


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