Sunday, May 28, 2017

McSwim Review: A Kini For YOUR Body

I didn’t think it was possible but someone made the perfect kini and that someone is McSwim. It all started when I saw my gorgeous friend Dani wearing what looked like one of the most adorable swim suits I’d ever seen. I just had to ask her where she got it and she clued me in on McSwim.

McSwim was created by Megan Cecil who is a young twenty-something living in the Tampa Bay area who hand sews all of the custom kinis. After seeing how expensive bathing suits could get she began to learn how to sew her own in January 2015.  She then started selling reversible/custom swimsuits on Etsy, sewing them while juggling college classes and found a lot of success. Since then, she’s started her own full blown website and has a cult following on Instagram that’s growing day by day.

(My Bar Top with Three Strap Bottoms in leaf print/marble with blush straps)

The suits are entirely reversible (& seamless) and she allows the consumer to pick the fabrics, all the way down to the straps. She also makes sure that the fabrics are limited, which creates a sort of pressure to want to buy if you really like a certain pattern. The concept is genius. But what’s even better than the kick-a$$ concept? The fact that the suits are exceptionally flattering and make you want to never buy another swim suit again. On top of that, her customer service is top-notch. When I bought by first top she responded back immediately and asked me exactly what my bra size was to create the most fitting suit. I have never bought a swim suit where the person making them emails me to make sure that the top is going to fit just perfectly. I’ve seen on her Instagram that she has made suits for girls with DDD, etc.- so literally she will make whatever size fits you best regardless of the sizes on her website. McSwim making them custom allows her to make them exactly to your measurements and therefore there are no limits with sizing. That’s pretty freaking awesome! While the suits don’t come with cups, you can ask her to make slits in the side and take cups out of one of your old swimsuits and pop them in. Also ~*Pro Tip*~: if you live near a Lululemon they provide cups for free if you ever need extra!

I became so impressed with McSwim that I’ve started my own little collection and really enjoy following her on Instagram to see the latest new patterns (I’ve told ya’ll before that I’m a sucker!). Here are my reviews on the tops/bottoms:

(My friend Dani looking flawless in the Cage Top and Two Strap Bottom)
Cage Top:
The Cage Top is super supportive and very in trend. I love the fact that it fits like a crop top so you get more full coverage for your sportier beach adventures without having to worry about anything flying out of place. This is standard McSwim and definitely a must buy.

(The Megan Top and Three Strap Bottoms)
The Megan Top:
The most “basic” looking out of all of my tops but one of the most low key gorgeous ones. The four straps make the top extremely supportive and then they make a really pretty design in the back (check out the last photo for the back). While not the “trendiest” of the selection it’s highly recommend for a girl who want to feel as comfortable in a top as she does in her sports bra. I could literally do anything in this and nothing is going anywhere and I still feel like I have a really cool swimmie on. I asked her to put slits in this one so I could have the options of wearing cups but haven’t tried the cups just yet. Will do if I plan on doing something super active, but I like having the option.

(Bar Top and Three Strap Bottoms)
The Bar Top:
This one is hands down the most on-trend swim suit I have. I LOVE the look of it and enjoyed wearing it out that day. It did a lot for my ~*cough cough*~ assets and I felt really confident in it. Also, the back strapping on it is bomb (check out the last photo for the back). Only problem with this one is that I felt like I was falling out of the bottom if I did anything too active. If I was to get this one again I would ask for an extra inch or two of fabric than she would normally put just to have some extra-extra coverage. It honestly fit perfectly though and is a spectacular laying out/party swimmie.

(Dani in the Double Knot Scoop Top and Wide Side Bottoms)
McSwim Bottoms:
This is an intense sentence I’m about to use but I will never wear another swim bottom ever again in my entire life. Like McSwim is not allowed to go away because I will always be buying her bottoms. In the past, no matter what, swim bottoms would dig into my sides and if they didn’t dig into my sides then they would be too loose and embarrassingly try to come off the first wave I would hit. I just never seemed to be able to find a truly flattering bottom. When I went to order my first McSwim the chart was saying I was an M bottom but I’m normally an L in every other brand. I went ahead with what the chart said and bought the M. Then when I opened the package the bottoms looked TINY and I thought “oh no not again.” I put it on and it stretched to perfectly fit my curves without digging in whatsoever. The secret is that they don’t have elastic in them so there is no digging and they fit just perfectly. I have never felt more confident in swim bottoms and I’ve already bought a couple of solid ones just to go with other tops I already own. If you take one thing away from this article it would be to buy her bottoms! You will never find ones more flattering than these- ever. What’s cool too is that you can pick the coverage levels of the back from cheeky, moderate, to full coverage.

(Left: Bar Top w/ cheeky Three Strap Bottoms. Right: The Megan Top w/ moderate Three Strap Bottoms)

So if you’re wanting to finally get a swimsuit that fits your body than the other way around, I really recommend getting one of McSwim’s custom reversible kinis. It’s honestly the best swimsuit I’ve ever worn and you’ll feel super confident strutting your stuff in the sun. Four bikinis for the price of one that is custom fit, what more could ya ask for?

Check out to make your own custom kini, you won't regret it!


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