Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wim Frozen Yogurt: Making Froyo at Home

In high school I used to get frozen yogurt every day after school. It was back in the day when they only served two flavors “original” or chocolate. I LOVED original. It reminded of this placed I tried in New York called Pinkberry and I became totally addicted. Then I moved up to South Bend and there wasn’t a frozen yogurt place until 2012. That’s when frozen yogurt blew up and now pretty much any town you go in America has one- and I love it. Now that I’m older I can’t get frozen yogurt in shops like I used to. First, the normally don’t have the nutritional information readily available and second, you don’t have control over the type of dairy they use. Plus, the toppings are totally tempting. Then I saw the Wim Frozen Yogurt machine. A at home frozen yogurt machine that gives you a serving in 10 minutes. Now if you’re not big into ice cream in general, just skip this article. You’re gonna think I’m 100% crazy for spending my money on this but I don’t need your judgement OKAY. So please, only frozen yogurt addicts proceed.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ringly Review

I first saw this bracelet two years ago in an article talking about the new fad of wearable tech. To me it seemed like a really interesting idea but at the time it was a little too pricey. Plus the tech wasn’t fully developed and people were complaining on backorder issues. The more I thought about it too, the sillier I thought it was. What’s the point of having a bracelet that tells me when someone texts me when I can just have my phone nearby on vibrate? Seemed like a waste of money to me.