Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ringly Review

I first saw this bracelet two years ago in an article talking about the new fad of wearable tech. To me it seemed like a really interesting idea but at the time it was a little too pricey. Plus the tech wasn’t fully developed and people were complaining on backorder issues. The more I thought about it too, the sillier I thought it was. What’s the point of having a bracelet that tells me when someone texts me when I can just have my phone nearby on vibrate? Seemed like a waste of money to me.

Then at the beginning of this summer I saw a Ringly ad and they were releasing a rose gold version. I am a SUCKER for rose gold to the point that it is frankly embarrassing. I clicked the link and saw that they also had dropped the price down $100 since it’s original release. Still, I wasn’t convinced that I’d actually need this product and figured I’d never get any use out of it. Then I started my internship at the beginning of the summer where it’s inappropriate for me to keep my phone on even vibrate let alone out on my desk. I was in court one morning and my husband had some down to my office trying to contact me and he had to wait for over an hour. Even though I was in court it was a situation where I could have stepped out for a moment or even leave early if need be. I thought it was a good time to try out the Ringly Luxe bracelet.  

The shipping came quickly and the packaging of the product is really awesome. The bracelet comes in what appears to be a cute box to hold your jewelry in- but it’s actually it’s charger! Probably the chicest charger I’ll ever own and I definitely don’t mind having it out on my counter. I have a pretty small wrist and the S/M fit awesome. It’s slightly oval shape keeps it from slipping off and it’s super comfortable to wear. The app is user friendly and you are able to decide what you will receive notifications from as well as the vibration pattern and color that the bracelet will display. The app also keeps track of steps and has a guided meditation tool within.

The first day I wore it to work I found myself better able to concentrate on what was at hand because I knew there was no need to check up on my phone if I hadn’t felt the bracelet vibrate. Some people have complained that they sometimes don’t feel the vibration but I honestly don’t know how that’s possible! Also, Since I set the colors & patterns I can look down at my wrist and know if someone is trying to call me versus text me, etc. I also set my husband on a special color so when I see orange flash- I know it’s him! I have become so reliant on it that when I forget to wear it it makes a large impact on my day. Like having to keep an eye on my phone more and not concentrating at 100% because I'm worried I've missed some important communication. I like it so much that I wear it even when I’m not at work because I just think it’s a pretty bracelet to put on.

Practically, the charge holds for about three days depending on how many hours you are wearing (it goes to sleep when you’re not actively moving around) so I try to just charge it while I’m asleep. After buying my rose gold bracelet they came out with a brand new “go” version of the bracelet that’s a little more casual looking and great for the weekend. The vibration is a little stronger on it and it comes in the very trendy marble/millennial pink combo, which of course I had to get because I’m basic.

All in all, if you go to work or class I really recommended the Ringly to help with focus while simultaneously staying in touch.

Protip: They're currently giving 40% off on final sale items, which includes the Ringly Luxe Bracelets.


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