Saturday, August 19, 2017

Wim Frozen Yogurt: Making Froyo at Home

In high school I used to get frozen yogurt every day after school. It was back in the day when they only served two flavors “original” or chocolate. I LOVED original. It reminded of this placed I tried in New York called Pinkberry and I became totally addicted. Then I moved up to South Bend and there wasn’t a frozen yogurt place until 2012. That’s when frozen yogurt blew up and now pretty much any town you go in America has one- and I love it. Now that I’m older I can’t get frozen yogurt in shops like I used to. First, the normally don’t have the nutritional information readily available and second, you don’t have control over the type of dairy they use. Plus, the toppings are totally tempting. Then I saw the Wim Frozen Yogurt machine. A at home frozen yogurt machine that gives you a serving in 10 minutes. Now if you’re not big into ice cream in general, just skip this article. You’re gonna think I’m 100% crazy for spending my money on this but I don’t need your judgement OKAY. So please, only frozen yogurt addicts proceed.

I come across this new product called the Wim. It’s an at home machine touted as the Keurig of frozen yogurt. It operates by purchasing these cups of froyo mix, pouring in whatever dairy/non-dairy you’d like, and then the machine freezes it all up for you to create a creamy froyo creation. I usually wait until tech is out for a little to see if a.) the tech is solid and b.) to wait and see if the price goes down. My love of froyo took over though and I bit the bullet and decided to try it out for myself.

The Wim arrived within two weeks and I noticed that in person it’s a really sleek machine that won’t take up too much counter space. Normally at home ice cream makers are pretty bulky. The clear part in the front seemed a little squishy and I was worried that it had broken on transit. I contacted their customer service through text message (so cool) and sent them a video over. They responded back pretty quickly that it’s just a safety shield to prevent little hands from getting in or from any froyo swinging out and making a mess and that I was perfectly clear to make my first batch. So once that was settled, I tried it out and it ends up being the easiest process ever.

The Wim came with 5 different flavored bowls to sample and I decided to try the Milk & Cookies one first. I read the (low key adorable) instructions and realized how simple this was going to be. I peeled back the lid on the bowl and there’s a “fill up to here” line inside. What’s cool about the Wim is that you can use any dairy or non-dairy you’d like, so I decided to try almond milk since it’s something that I’ve never seen served in an actual froyo shop. So I fill the bowl up to the line with almond milk, place it inside the Wim, shut the clear safety shield, and press the start button. That’s it!

It takes 10 minute to complete and then voila it beeps and lets you know it’s ready to eat. I took it out and put some Annie’s Chocolate Bunny cereal on top for a mix-in (yes I’m 5). Took my first bite and I was blown away- it was super delicious! It tastes so cold, creamy, and fresh that I’ve never really never had something like it before. The closest thing I can think of in memory is in 4th grade where you make ice cream by shaking it in a bag that’s in a bag of ice/salt. Remember that? Took 20 mins and sometimes the salt got in the actual mixture- but dang it was fresh! When my husband first caught wind of this he said things like, “you’re silly” and “this is ridiculous” but he had a taste of it and he agreed that it was pretty darn delicious (he still thinks I’m silly and ridiculous but was not complaining when I made him his own bowl later that night). What I also like about Wim is that it comes with complete nutritional information packet and I get to know exactly what’s inside including any potential common allergens.

I do have a couple of cons and the first is that it currently only gives one serving at a time. I would love to be able to make my husband and I’s bowl at the same time but it’s just not possible with this version. They say they’re working on making a machine that can handle more, but this is currently the entry model and it’s definitely targeted to the young professional single lady who loves her froyo. The second thing I have a problem with is that the bowls are pretty pricey at $3 a pop! I would love this to be an every night thing, but with that price it’s just a little too luxe to have more than just on occasion. I’m hoping to see the price go down with time.

All in all, I definitely recommend this machine for people that love froyo or have an ice cream machine at home but want something a little easier on the eyes. The way the froyo is made there is 0% cleanup and the product is truly yummy. If you’re interested on learning more about Wim, Bloomberg did an extensive article on it.

Dip in and enjoy!



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  2. Hey, takes for sharing!
    Looks like a very nice machine, do you have any idea where can buy it? I can't seem to find it anywhere..

    Thanks in advance!