Sunday, May 6, 2018

How I Fell in Love with Acai Bowls

Last Fall as I was trying to get in the orange zone (actually impossible for me I swear) I saw out of the window a store going up called "The Good Berry". While sweating my a$$ off I became to fantasize what they could possibly serve. A smoothie place? Well why was their logo a bowl then? These are the question the plagued me while trying to think of anything else but the plank I was attempting to hold.

When it opened I decided to give it a try after a workout class. I walked in and was pleasantly surprised at how quaint the interior was. They had a counter set up with all kinds of toppings and served something called an Acai (ah-sigh-ee) Bowl. UH OH. I'm a very pick eater (I actually don't like smoothies, most fruits, etc) and I found the dark purple color of the acai completely intimidating.

 I still decided to give it a go and filled my bowl with sweet toppings (honey, chocolate chips, and bananas). I went to my car to eat it because I didn't want to make a scene if I found it totally gross. Took a bite and waitttt a minute... it's super cold... very peculiar...but I think I kinda like it. I went back a couple of more times and was totally hooked. 

You know when you start going to a new place and the workers begin to recognize you? A slight feeling of embarrassment overcomes you but then it's like "ehhh screw it" i'm a regular- get used to it. And used to it they did! 

(Instagram: @TheGoodBerryAcai)

I came to know the owners ( a super sweet couple ) and we'd share tidbits of how our lives were going, our dogs, and upcoming vacations. I ended up going everyday to get my fix, and as time went on, I began to try to supplement sweeter toppings with more protein based foods. That way the treat would actually keep me fuller for longer.

When I left Tallahassee one of the things I was saddest about leaving was my lil bowl place. I've since moved to Tampa and have tried probably up to ten bowl places. I kid you not, NONE hold a candle to The Good Berry. Not only is the acai never quite right, they pre-do the toppings, so you can't pick for yourself. It's just not the same. 

When I brought my very picky dad (although he'd say he's not HA) , he took ONE bite and declared: "This is the best bowl I've ever had, WOW!". If my dad likes it, you know it's good. 

So if you're ever in Tallahassee, have a bowl for me at The Good Berry.

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