Friday, June 29, 2018

Best Microblading in Tampa Bay

I’d been seeing the microblading trend around for the last couple years, but was super hesitant to try it. I personally have pretty good eyebrows/coloring- but I do find them a little patchy and end up using eyebrow gel a lot. In the last year or so I’ve been finding myself wearing a lot less make up then I used to. Call me lazy or call me self-assured but I just feel like it’s hard to find the hour to slap on the face these days. But wouldn’t it be nice to wakeup and at least have those brows done…

It got me thinking back to the microblading, I figured since I didn’t actually need much there wasn’t too much room for a potential disaster. I started to do my research and automatically began to search for what I thought would be the best places to get it done- a med spa.

(My natural brows, not bad at all but maybe need a lil extra kick, Also, this is a fake bob.)

The more I looked the more I began to realize that these places charge a minimum of $1,000 and that’s only for the first treatment. WHAT NOW. I know it’s permanent, and I know it’s my face, but come on! One K just seemed like too much for me, there had to be something else.

I pondered and thought, “Wait a minute, there must but some tattoo places that do this that don’t charge so much.” And I decided to hit the trusty image search engine- Instagram. I came across Suzi.

(This is Suzi. Babe. Artist. Eyebrow Expert.)

To me it makes perfect sense to go to a tattoo shop that does microblading. Tattoo artist are not only extremely comfortable with handling all types of skin but their true artist- to me there’s about no one I would trust more with something like microblading. 

The more I looked at Suzi’s instagram, the more I loved. All of the eyebrow she’s done looked flawless, plus her own (which she micro bladed herself). 

(Right after it's done. B&w because my acne was intense & florescent lights aren't my friend. 
Don't @ me.)

While microblading itself isn’t the most painless thing in the world, Suzi made me feel really comfortable- she’s sweet, funny, and let me take breaks when it got too much lol. 

She uses ink especially produced for eyebrows & made sure there was no carbon in the formula. Carbon makes the fade turn into a bluish tint that you see in eyebrow tattoos of the past & it’s not a cute look. Mine will fade slowly & naturally- lasting around two years. 

(Right after the follow up treatment. Dark the first couple of days.)

I would recommend her to anyone in the Tampa Bay area whose looking to get your brows done. I’ve LOVED how mine turned out and would get it done again in a heart beat. 

It’s just so nice to be able to get out of bed and already have that polished, you know?

(Fully healed 2 months later. After a workout. No makeup. Bout to hurl- don't eat a sandwich before OT. 
But my eyebrows are looking good.)

Suzi normally charges $300 for the first session and $100 for the second session. She’s currently rotating shops so she’s doing a deal on microblading for 40% off (wish this was the case 3 months ago HA)- so I would definitely take her up on that if microblading has been something you’re interested in. 

Suzi’s instagram is @suzi_tattoo DM her to set up an appointment.

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