Monday, August 27, 2018

Wedding Cake Nightmare

As I got to sit down at my sweetheart table, I see a 6 tiered monstrosity staring back at me. What could that be? Certainly not my cake. My cake is suppose to be old metallic gold, not yellow. My cake is suppose to be 20's influenced, not have the appearance of being made by a toddler. My cake it suppose to be nice and smooth, not with bubbles. And most importantly, my cake isn't supposed to be leaning. Think I'm being dramatic? Everyone thinks so until I show them the pictures.

Don't enjoy reading? Scroll to the bottom for a video version of this story.

Looks like a one of those facebook memes, doesn't it? It's so bad that it's actually funny now. But on the night of the wedding I wasn't laughing. I kept looking over my shoulder hoping someone would just roll that dang thing away from me. I couldn't STOP thinking about it. How on Earth did anyone let that thing happen?!

(Left: Inspo picture I brought into the bakery; Right: What showed up)

Let me rewind, I am not a super weddingish type of girl. Really. The only things I cared about in regards to the wedding prep was that their be lots of flowers, the food be good, and the cake to be a stunner. Those were my top three and only three.

I probably should have been warned. Three days before my wedding the bakery called and asked, "Uhh do you have an event in three days?". They forgot to put our wedding in their books. I chalked it up to being the holiday season, and being busy with seating chart shenanigans, I placed it to the back of my mind. 

(Left: Inspo pic I brought into the bakery; Right: what showed up)

When I first saw it I asked my now husband, do you see that? Holy SH*T what in the heck happen. He assured me it was beautiful and to concentrate on our guests and yummy food. I flagged my dad over, he laughed and told me it was not a big deal. He took some broaches out of my bouquet and tried to cover up the big bubble lumps. It was an utter mess and I totally wanted to just roll that thing to the back myself. 

But once I sat my booty down I decided that only I could be the decision maker of how I felt at my wedding. I just married my soulmate and man of my dreams, would I really let some cake stop me from enjoying my own wedding and all of our amazing friends and family? Heck no! I ended up karoking, stuffing my face with nitrogen ice cream, and dancing till my feet fell off! 

The next day when I woke up I asked my husband, "So what did you really think about the cake?" 

His response: "God it was awful."

Epilogue: The Bakery ended up giving us a refund for the price of decorating cake but not for the actual cake itself. It was one of the priciest aspects of the wedding. I frankly would have preferred a full refund but didn't want to push. I don't want to defame the bakery here but if you're having a wedding in Tampa, contact me (info in header) and i'll let you know who to avoid. They're a long standing place in town, so the results were definitely surprising to say the least.

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