Tuesday, September 4, 2018

I Stole a Lambo at My Wedding

"What are you doing in my boyfriend’s car?!" As my new husband and I sit in what we now know is a stolen Lamborghini, stolen by us nonetheless. Let’s rewind by 15 minutes.

 (If you'd prefer a video version of this story, scroll to the bottom)

Our wedding ended up going super late (2:30 AM) but we still wanted to do a pretty firework/sparklers exit. With the stragglers left, and still on the high of a kick a$$ reception, we start to go down the sparkler tunnel. We were planning to walk to our hotel, just a couple of block on the left. So that’s why I thought it was weird that the sparkler tunnel of people was heading to the right.

(I wore a red dress for my reception, I felt like the salsa emoji & it's Pat's fav color on me)

Then at the end of this tunnel was a beautiful brand new pearl white Lambo with it’s doors up… that’s weird. We didn’t arrange for a car at the end of the night. Plus, our wedding theme was old school 20’s, so the Lambo wasn’t making a lot of sense. 

 BUT HEY IT’S A LAMBO, I ain’t complainin’. So as we near the end of the tunnel, we walk up to the Lambo and jump in. My new husband is freaking out because he has no clue how to drive it. Additionally, he’s a pretty tall guy and he literally could not fit in the car correctly, so his line of vision was totally off. So as we quietly debate about a.) Who the heck rented this car for us and b.) What are we going to do?

My friend approaches the car and says, "What are you doing in my boyfriend’s car?!”. "Well what ARE WE DOING in your boyfriends car?!”, was my immediate response. Apparently, her boyfriend had just gotten this new Lamborghini the day before and going to our wedding was the first time he had driven it. He had left the doors up as he was running in to get my friend to leave. In those quick minutes, my photographers thought that was our end of the night ride and placed the tunnel leading to it.

My husband was not having any of it and was like “Okay I’m getting out immediately.” Problem is that we are surrounded by friends, families, and cameras with everyone staring. It’s obvious something isn’t right but no one really knew what was up and it was getting a little awkward. That’s when her boyfriend came up and told us to just go around the corner and he’s meet us there to try and avoid any embarrassment. 

I’ll remind you that my husband has NO IDEA how to drive this thing and he’s still super freaked out about hurting the car. He got a 1 minute crash course and we tried pulling around the corner. It was comically jumpy but we made it! We waited for the boyfriend to come around the corner, jump out as fast as we could, thanked him for giving us a wild story, and proceeded to walk to our hotel like we always planned on.

And that’s the time I stole a Lamborghini at my wedding.


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