Sunday, September 23, 2018

Perfect Curls in 5 Mins

Here's my super easy, but weird, trick to get the perfect curls in 5 mins.

(Don't like reading? Scroll down for video version)

Step 1:
Put your hair in a super high pony tail. To avoid marks, use a scrunchi.

Step 2:
Use a curling iron without a clamp. I recommend Conair, but if you have a natural tighter curl pattern, I would use a NUME brand. Expensive but worth the splurge because they get HOT.

Step 3:
Take a half inch section of hair from your ponytail (preferably from the same layer, so it's the same length) and wrap it around the iron starting from the base. If you part your hair on your right, curl backwards. If you part your hair on your left, curl forwards.

Step 4:
Repeat until pony is done.

Step 5:
Take out pony and see if anything needs a touch up. Usually some front pieces and bottom layer if you're being picky. For extra volume, tease your crown.

And you're done! Hope you enjoy this super easy way to quickly curl your hair.


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